Round-up from seasons 5-7

1999-05-05 (season V): Daily Birkenhead writes

After eleven months of play, FC Birkenhead was to face another playoff,
this time defending their newly acquired position in Second against the
Formula One Live. FCB's new DF line (Neil Joyford and Jacques D'Ivoire)
could have had a better start,  as FOL scored a direct free kick in the
first minute.  However, Joyford only ten minutes later equalized with a
similar free kick, followed by Victor Nievale's 2-1 in the 29th minute.
Formula One immediately got a penalty kick and another goal, which made
the score 2-3 at half time.

Joyford's second free kick in the 53rd minute and Nievale's second goal
again turned the score around.  Despite some promising efforts, Formula
One never got another goal, so Birkenhead survived this promoval game!

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Formula One Live 4-3 (2-3)

Stars awarded: *** Neil Joyford,   FC Birkenhead    (DF)
	        ** Victor Nievale, FC Birkenhead    (MF)
   	         * Manuel Muench,  Formula One Live (MF)

2000-05-16 (season VI): Daily Birkenhead writes

In the last weeks of the season, FCB won its three last games (2-0, 1-0
and 2-1) and moved away from the playoff zone. Although Birkenhead lost
more games than they won, the goal difference was on the positive side.
This may be due to the sixth season rookies; Jan Helenek (SW) and Cecil
Zamboni (FW), of which the latter scored a handfull of goals.

Yesterday we also saw the final round of WEFS World Cup III,  a tourney
with 24 teams. It was somewhat surprisingly won by Germany, with Canada
as the runner-up. Ex-champions France (WC 1) and U.S.A (WC II) followed
with manager Carlsson's Swedish side on a somewhat  disappointing fifth
place after a total  fiasco against Germany.  The weakened England team
ended up on 7th place.

2001-07-06 (season VII): Daily Birkenhead writes:

The Daily Birkenhead has followed FCB's destiny  since the summer 1995.
It has been a journey up and down through the divisions, but always far
from the Elite division -- where the real teams play.

But after yesterday's 3-1 win over Tripping Billies, where Gloscage got
two goals and Spinbone the third one, Birkenhead have secured promotion
without having to face playoffs. Of course this is one of the manager's
most proud moments, and we are the first to celebrate. Again Birkenhead
had two nice rookies; the quíck, utility DF named George Faxham and the
winged MF Xavier Topienza which paired up nicely with Felix Martinez.

Speaking of rookies, rumors say FC Birkenhead is about to play a new GK
next season,  which means David Koulenz who has been one of the leading
players  for many seasons and the one who once saved FCB out of Fourth,
is degraded to brilliant backup.  The Daily Birkenhead believes this is
is a trivial way to have something to blame if the team fails in Elite.
We were currently unable to get manager Carlsson's comment on this.