Season X summary

2005-03-29 : TOD-FCB (week #30), Daily Birkenhead writes:

Although FC Birkenhead has been safe from relegation since a few weeks,
the last game of the season is always special. Today's opponent TOD was
missing their head coach, and much to Team Sweden's despair has decided
to leave the league after the season.

Cecil Zamboni scored two goals in the middle of the first half, and FCB
could go into half time with ease. In the 81st minute, Black Candles of
TOD reduced to 1-2, but they never equalized.

Thus, FC Birkenhead remains in Elite Division one more year, which will
be their fourth consecutive year in the top division. After the cup win
last season, the cup this year was a bit of a disappointment. Now we're
instead looking forward to the fourth WEFS World Cup!

Final score: Things I Found on My Desk - FC Birkenhead 1-2 (0-2)

Stars awarded: *** Cecil Zamboni, FC Birkenhead         (FW)
                ** Go Stones, Things I Found on My Desk (SW)
                 * Oscar Burneais, FC Birkenhead        (DF)

Season XI summary

2006-06-09 : NBL-FCB (week #30), Daily Birkenhead writes:

About two years ago, FC Birkenhead won the WEFS Cup final 4-3 over Sgt. 
Pepper's Lonely Hearts. On next Thursday, June 15th FCB again is in the
cup final, this time vs the Elite champions Moctezuma's Revenge.

Well, what about the last league game of the season? FCB begun the game
as Elite runner-up, but a miserable game put them down to 4th position!

Within the first 20 minutes, David Noble of NBL had scored twice. If it
had not been for Sidwell and Song (both NBL) also to score, perhaps the
game could have taken a different turn. Paolo Capsoli equalized the NBL
lead once, but was unable to keep up. 4-1 after 20 minutes, 5-2 at half
time tells it all. Ivan Valentin saved 9 shots, but let in 6 goals.

At least FC Birkenhead will play in Elite division for a fifth season.

Final score: Natural Born Losers - FC Birkenhead 6-2 (5-2)

Stars awarded: *** David Noble, Natural Born Losers     (MF)
                ** Stephen Sidwell, Natural Born Losers (MF)
                 * Paolo Capsoli, FC Birkenhead         (FW)

Season XII summary

2007-05-26 : FCB-RDR (qualifier), Daily Birkenhead writes:

After a mediocre season, FC Birkenhead faced another playoff game, this
time vs RoadRunners from Second division. About 63,000 fans came to the
WEFS Ground this noon.

The first goal was scored on a corner kick from Paolo Capsoli. The ball
was deflected to Henri Plancque who put it behind RDR GK DoNot Enter in
the 14th minute. Another 22 minutes later, Capsoli took a free kick and
scored 2-0.

19 minutes into second half, RDR scored 2-1 but in the 72th minute, Kai
Lantzcaap closed the game with 3-1 on a penalty kick. This means FCB is
staying in Elite division for another season!

Final score: FC Birkenhead - RoadRunners 3-1 (2-0)

Stars awarded: *** Kai Lantzcaap, FC Birkenhead    (MF)
                ** TrucksGear Down, RoadRunners    (DF)
                 * Henri Plancque, FC Birkenhead   (DF)

Season XIII summary

2008-04-29 : FCB-IFE (qualifier), Daily Birkenhead writes:

In a repeat from last season, FC Birkenhead again saw themselves facing
a playoff game, this time against Italy For Ever. Only about 53700 fans
showed up this afternoon.

It all started off well when Paolo Capsoli scored 1-0 on a penalty kick
in the 15th minute. However four quick goals from IFE changed the score
at half time to 1-4.

In second half, FCB tried everything to catch up. Capsoli scored 2-4 in
the 61th minute. Oscar Burneais also scored in the 79th minute, but FCB
never came closer than this. It means FC Birkenhead plays in the Second
division next season.

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Italy For Ever 3-4 (1-4)

Stars awarded: *** Giga RivaRocci, Italy For Ever        (FW)
                ** GiantPiero Combi, Italy For Ever      (GK)
                 * JonDamian Tomasisson, Italy For Ever  (MF)

Season XIV summary

2009-04-08 : AU-FCB (qualifier), Daily Birkenhead writes:

For the 3rd season in a row, FC Birkenhead faced an Elite/Second match.
This time Algae United turned out to be worthy opponents in an exciting
game in front of almost 72000 fans.

The first half ended 2-2 after two AU goals and two FCB goals by Dennis
Quarlow and Werner Nilemau. The second half involved one more goal from
each side, namely Boldia Erythrosiphon of AU and Kai Lantzcaap of FCB.

In extra time, Leif Imhalikama scored 4-3 to FCB, but in the end of the
last quarter, Erythrosiphon equalized again so the game went to penalty

In the initial round of penalty kicks, Michael Kipling, Leif Imhalikama
and Paolo Capsoli all scored. As Dennis Quarlow missed his, fortunately
Todd Okifungi scored to keep the shoot out into sudden death shooting.

Kai Lantzcaap missed but thanks to Werner Nilemau, Uwe Eigermann, Oscar
Burnais and Vuk Gaskovic all scored theirs, in the end FCB won the game
after a total score of 4-4 and 7-8 pks.

FC Birkenhead thus is back to Elite division!

Final score: Algae United - FC Birkenhead 4-4 (2-2)
Penalty kicks: AU 7 - FCB 8

Stars awarded: *** Leif Imhalikama, FC Birkenhead  (DF)
                ** Chara Braunii, Algae United     (MF)
                 * Gleo Limneticum, Algae United   (SW)

Season XV summary

2010-03-27 : SIN-FCB (week #30), Daily Birkenhead writes:

It has been known for a few weeks that FC Birkenhead is heading towards
Second division. Thus today's game against Singingirls was mostly about
ending the season in a honorable way.

After SIN's early lead, Franz Joicens scored twice for FCB. However Vuk
Gaskovic caused a free kick right before half time, so the standings at
45 minutes were 2-2. Then SIN took the lead again, followed by 3-3 from
Oscar Burneais and 4-3 by Paolo Capsoli.

Unfortunately Singingirls came back to 4-5. Joicens scored 5-5 followed
by Werner Nilemau's 6-5. SIN scored once more, and the game ended 6-6.

It means FC Birkenhead again is back to Second division.

Final score: Singingirls - FC Birkenhead 6-6 (2-2)

Stars awarded: *** Concha Buika, Singingirls     (MF)
                ** Franz Joicens, FC Birkenhead  (FW)
                 * Sara Tavares, Singingirls     (MF)

Season XVI summary

2011-01-26 : FCB-VA (week #30), Daily Birkenhead writes:

During this season, FC Birkenhead has been within the top 3 for most of
the season. Today's game against Victor's Arsenal could've been a match
for the title if the odds had been on FCB's side.

Even though VA already had secured the title, the game was exciting and
well played. Cesc Fabregas scored 0-1 followed by FCB's Ahmed Rafta 1-1
and then Tomas Rosicky 1-2. At the beginning of the second half, Werner
Nilemau scored 2-2 on a PK, followed by Rafta's second goal, 3-2 in the
70th minute.

Although Matthieu Flamini of Victor's Arsenal scored 3-3, in the end it
was Dennis Quarlow's penalty kick to a 4-3 lead in 84th minute that was
the winning goal.

FC Birkenhead may not have won the Second division, but they're back to
Elite division for next season!

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Victor's Arsenal 4-3 (1-2)

Stars awarded: *** Ahmed Rafta, FC Birkenhead          (FW)
                ** Vuk Gaskovic, FC Birkenhead         (DF)
                 * Lukasz Fabianski, Victor's Arsenal  (GK)