Elite Division round-up

2003-04-10 : FCB-WAC (week #6), Daily Birkenhead writes:

FC Birkenhead vs Without A Clue - a classic battle since 1995, when the
two teams for the first time met in Novice division. WAC has since then
won the first six games, but last season FCB managed to win on the road
by 2-0. Considering Birkenhead's current form with three straight wins,
it was a much looked forward game to be played.

Pierluigi Collina opened the match, and both teams had within the first
ten minutes one good chance each. But the first goal took 36 minutes to
score, when Cecil Zamboni, assisted by Andrew Gloscage gave FCB and the
84257 fans something to cheer about. Four minutes later came the second
goal, when Willie Score equalized for WAC.

After half time, Zamboni again found the net; 2-1 in minute 46 assisted
by Neil Joyford and 3-1 by himself four minutes later. Joyford took the
penalty kick in minute 52, and 4-1 was a fact. WAC's Pete Render scored
for 4-2 in the 81th minute, but closer than that they never came.

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Without a Clue 4-2 (1-1)

Stars awarded: *** Cecil Zamboni, FC Birkenhead (FW)
	        ** Willie Score, Without A Clue (FW)
    	         * Jan Helenek, FC Birkenhead   (SW)

2003-11-13 : FCB-WMW (cup semi), Daily Birkenhead writes:

For the first time ever, FC Birkenhead had reached cup semi final. Only
one opponent - Waterloo Mighty Warriors - remained. A mighty 96189 fans 
had gathered on the neutral WEFS Ground to see Paolo Capsoli in the 4th
minute take a free kick which Neil Joyford shot into a goal. 1-0!

Five minutes later, Cecil Zamboni assisted by Felix Martinez headed the
2-0 goal. Right before the half time break, Andrew Gloscage set up team
mate Xavier Topienza with a fast break and we had 3-0. Capsoli later in
the 70th minute scored 4-0, and the cup final was a fact.

Now Birkenhead gets to play Lonely Hearts, and also seems safe in Elite
division, which is a remarkable improvement. Good luck to the team!

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Waterloo Mighty Warrors 4-0 (3-0)

Stars awarded: *** Ivan Valentin, FC Birkenhead (GK)
	        ** Neil Joyford, FC Birkenhead  (DF)
    	         * Cecil Zamboni, FC Birkenhead (FW)