First season highlights (a.k.a victories :)

950929 : NRM-FCB (week #12), Daily Birkenhead writes:

The crowd at the Mega Consbox missed it. Daily Birkenhead almost missed 
it. But it is true. Last game at Nuclear  Reactor with 25372 fans was a 
success for FC Birkenhead.

Well, Salvaje Stoickov began with 1-0 in the 6th minute, but one minute 
later, Moses  Ndungwa replied with an equal shot which  bulged the roof 
of the net, assisted by Erki  Nool. In the 25th  minute, Ndungwa scored 
again. A decent  effort, drilled low  into  the goal, and FC Birkenhead 
had incredibly changed 0-1 to 2-1 and the scoreless forward Ndungwa had 
scored twice.

Now, Madrid began to press  forward and play rough, which resulted in a 
free kick for Birkenhead one minute after the last goal. Andreas Nyboom
took the kick, and the shot slipped in under the keeper's body. The two
goal lead caused Birkenhead to stall, and it was successful for fifteen 
minutes, when Angel Duro scored for Madrid.

But closer than that was never Nuclear Rain Madrid. Instead, Birkenhead 
had two more scoreless free  kicks. It looked like mr Sanchez forgot to 
order his team to not play rough when only being one goal down. 

	"This victory was a revenge for that 4-5 defeat in the 
	 1st cup round earlier this year" as mr Carlsson said.

This win did not affect Birkenhead's league position, though. Next game 
will be on Tuesday against The Black Company, also a bottom team in the
Novice division. Next home game will be on next Tuesday against Natural 
Born Losers. That game won't be easy for our Doormats.

Final score: Nuclear Rain Madrid - FC Birkenhead 2-3 (2-3)

Stars awarded: *** Moses Ndungwa,    FC Birkenhead       (FW)
	        ** Salvaje Stoickov, Nuclear Rain Madrid (FW)
    	         * Andreas Nyboom,   FC Birkenhead       (FW)

951117 : BMC-FCB (week #18), Daily Birkenhead writes:

Yet again, FC Birkenhead have won a game on away ground. This time, the
opponents was Black Mountain SC, favourites according to WEFS toto bets.
58070 fans showed up to Lee  Field, and several  people saw the game on 
WEFS-TV (with headquarters at Lysator in Linköping, Sweden).

Both teams had equal number of shots in the beginning of the match, and 
a lighter injury to Erki  Nool in the 17th minute, diagnosed as bruised 
thigh made manager Carlsson a little worried. But ten minutes later, it 
was the coach for Mountains who should be worried.

Andreas  Nyboom had a decent effort saved by Buck Fuller, goalkeeper in 
Black  Mountain. Charles  Darbo played a free kick to Hans Tonkies, who 
shot the ball under Fuller's body. 1st goal to Birkenhead, who began to 
stall immediately  with max defence. Manager guest Jussi  Haukioja from 
Musical Excuses, told Anders he was a chicken, but this tactic to stall 
was successful.

The Mountains had a few decent shots before half time, but nothing that 
scored. With 30 mins left, they began to play  rough and press  forward.
A couple of good  but  scoreless shots  followed, and FC Birkenhead won 
their 2nd game for this season. Both on away ground too.

Speaking of Haukiojas, Diseases United with manager Timo Haukioja, will
play FC Birkenhead next. Let's see a quick  goal and a great stall, and 
we won't hear any Haukiojas shout how they think our team should play!

Final score: Black Mountain SC - FC Birkenhead 0-1 (0-1)

Stars awarded: *** John Poolman,  FC Birkenhead (GK)
		** Hans Tonkies,  FC Birkenhead (UT)
    		 * Marc Cordinal, FC Birkenhead (SW)

951124 : FCB-DU (week #19), Daily Birkenhead writes:

At last, Birkenhead won a game in front of their own fans. Yesterday at
10 AM, 31682 fans saw their team play against Diseases United, who used 
a rough long ball tactic from the 1st minute.
In the 6th minute, Peter  Eiss had an average long shot that bulged the
roof of the net. An early goal was exactly what manager Carlsson had in
his mind before the game, and right after the goal, FC Birkenhead began
their effective stall. 

The Diseases had a few decent  chances, but most went a couple of yards 
wide or taken by Peter  Eiss. A lighter  injury occured to Sam Symptoms, 
Diseases in the 45th minute. In the second half, sweeper Marc  Cordinal 
was booked for delaying the game, which suspends him from playing  next
game against Premiership All Stars.

The Diseases changed tactics, without being successful. A pulled muscle 
for Armando  Gonorrhea in the 53rd minute, and he was replaced by Diego 
Diarrhea, who commited a foul ruining the attack in the next minute. 

Slowly, the Diseases  changed  tactics  during the game, and 20 minutes 
from the end, almost every  player  began to press forward. In the 77th 
minute, Haakon  Snook scored on a promising  shot that went through the 
keeper's legs, assisted by Erki  Nool. That 2-0 goal told us the battle 
was probably over, and 13 minutes later, it was. An amazing victory for
Anders' team, who advanced another spot in their division, now to 14th!

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Diseases United 2-0 (1-0)

Stars awarded: *** Peter Eiss,   FC Birkenhead (DF)
                ** Haakon Snook, FC Birkenhead (MF)
                 * John Poolman, FC Birkenhead (GK)

951201 : PXI-FCB (week #20), Daily Birkenhead writes:

A British derby between Premiership  All Stars and FC Birkenhead caused
a little chaos. After the game, which was a 1-1 draw, everybody noticed 
that the visitor  Birkenhead had used twelve  players  through the game. 
After an additional fine of $10000 from WEFS commisioner, the match was 
rerun, and 41058 fans at Wembley Stadium saw their 2nd game in a row.

As usual, Birkenhead tried to get a quick goal, and William Zouters did 
his first goal for this season in the 9th minute. Then they stalled and 
everybody dropped back. Two more shots for Premiership, and it was half 
time. Both Mauritz  Giordo and Haakon Snook was booked in 1st half, and 
neither will play next game for FC Birkenhead.

In the second half, Peter  Ndlovu tried to score on every single chance 
he had, but when he didn't succeed, he begun to throw his elbows around 
with ten minutes left of the game. Another  Premiership forward, Darren 
Anderton, was acting funny when coach Sahal Laher told  him to position 
normally once every minute of the game, but Darren didn't listen to his 
coach and went back to his wing all the time.

Next week, it's a match against top team Without A Clue. Nobody  really
believe Anders' team could do something against mr Shiffer and his team,
but let's wait until next week to see how it ends.

Final score: Premiership All Stars - FC Birkenhead 0-1 (0-1)

Stars awarded: *** William Zouters,  FC Birkenhead (FW)
		** Erki Nool,        FC Birkenhead (MF)
    		 * John Poolman,     FC Birkenhead (GK)

951215 : NEH-FCB (week #22), Daily Birkenhead writes:

After last defeat, I thought the happy  days for FC Birkenhead was over, 
but I was wrong. They faced Newton  Heath  yesterday, and despite 51993 
fans and a generous advertising, Birkenhead played a smart game without
lightly injured Andreas Nyboom who is expected to be back in January.

In the first half, the game was not very exciting until the last minute,
when Moses  Ndungwa had an average  chance that trickled  over the line. 
It was his third goal in the league  this season, and if you could pick 
a minute to score in, you'd probably  choose this one. This goal forced
FC Birkenhead to stall, and Newton Heath went rough.

A booking on Lee Sharpe and a torn knee ligament on Andy Cole, expected 
to be off for nine weeks, was about everything that happened for Newton 
Heath in the second  half. Birkenhead  spoiled a free  kick too, but if
they keep  winning like this, I think they might have a chance to avoid 
division three next season. Really.

Final score: Newton Heath - FC Birkenhead 0-1 (0-1)

Stars awarded: *** Moses Ndungwa, FC Birkenhead (FW)
	 	** John Poolman,  FC Birkenhead (GK)
    	         * Marc Cordinal, FC Birkenhead (SW)

960112 : FCB-CPU (week #25), Daily Birkenhead writes:

The  cold  winter is here and  soon the WEFS  season will be over. Last 
game vs a rough playing Crazed  Programmers  Union was visited by 44184 
fans, who saw the first and only goal in the third minute. It was young
midfielder Paul Rennal, whose good volley was  unstoppable, assisted by 
Haakon Snook at the other wing.

This forced the Programmers to go even  rougher, and in the 14th minute,
Birkenhead was awarded their 1st penalty kick, taken by William Zouters 
but smothered by goalkeeper Majel Barrett, responsible for next penalty 
kick three minutes later. William  Zouters tried again, but failed this
too. Instead John Poolman was booked for yelling at the ref.

A few shots later, FC Birkenhead was awarded a free kick, played barely 
offside, and half time score was 1-0. Crazed Programmers Union also got 
a player sent off for  spitting at the  referee in the 56th minute. Not
much happened at the second half of the game, and Birkenhead managed to 
win against the pre-league-leader.

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Crazed Programmers Union 1-0 (1-0)

Stars awarded: *** Majel Barrett, Crazed Programmers Union (GK)
                ** Paul Rennal,   FC Birkenhead            (MF)
                 * Marc Cordinal, FC Birkenhead            (SW)

960217 : PAB-FCB (week #30), Daily Birkenhead writes:

In the very final game of this first season, FC Birkenhead met Partizan
Beograd at Stadion Partizana. In front of 34875 fans, Anders had put up
an unusual 3-2-5 lineup, known as "Frisco Kids Special".

First goal was scored in the 31st  minute, when Hans  Tonkies blasted a
volley from Andreas  Nyboom. Four minutes later, Mauritz  Giordo scored 
his first goal for the season, and the 2nd for Birkenhead this evening.
FC Birkenhead did some  tactical  changes, like not stalling when being 
two goals ahead. Not until the  third goal by Peter  Eiss, they dropped 
back and begun stalling. This was in the 84th minute.

Now, the season is over. Next season will start in one month, Mars 14th.
Then we will see two new players who have  signed for FC Birkenhead. It
is goalkeeper David Koulenz and forward Richard Spinbone, both supposed
to be very  good rookies worth $800,000 which Birkenhead payed for them.
The final WEFS stats shows the best Birkenhead scorer is Andreas Nyboom
with his five goals. That gives him a 62nd  position only in Novice and 
no doubt FC Birkenhead needs a scorer for next season.
Final score: Partizan Beograd - FC Birkenhead 0-3 (0-2)

Stars awarded: *** John Poolman,   FC Birkenhead (GK)
		** Mauritz Giordo, FC Birkenhead (DF)
    		 * Peter Eiss,     FC Birkenhead (DF)

Second season highlights (a.k.a more victories :)

960330 : FCB-BCO (week #2), Daily Birkenhead writes:

The first game on the Mega Consbox for this season vs The Black Company 
was visited by 42014  fans and an away team who  tried to field  twelve
men in their late lineup. A lot of managers watched the game on MOTW at
the EEFL server, and the toto told us the bets was evenly spread. Seven
bets on Birkenhead, seven on a draw and six on the Company.

In the 15th minute, Paul  Rennal punched One Eye and was shown a yellow
card, which eliminates him from playing next  game. Three minutes later,
William Zouters scored on a decent  chance, assisted by Erki Nool. Half
time score was 1-0, and in the 53rd  minute, Goblin  scored for Company
on a free kick from Silent. Further ten minutes  later, Zouters  scored
his second for this evening. Right before that, The  Lady had been told
to sub out for the Company and was replaced by forward Captain.

Four minutes later, Howler equalized on a free kick from Silent, and it
looked like a draw for long time. But then Howler  broke his leg in the
76th minute and no further subs could be put into the game. Ten  months
of recovery was expected for Howler.

In the 91th minute, on overtime, Zouters once  again scored on a volley
from Marc Cordinal, which was the last  thing that happened. Birkenhead
won the game and advanced from 14th to 7th spot. This is what I like!

Final score: FC Birkenhead - The Black Company 3-2 (1-0)

Stars awarded: *** William Zouters, FC Birkenhead     (FW)
	        ** Elmo,            The Black Company (DF)
    	         * Goblin,          The Black Company (MF)

960426 : FCB-PDX (week #6), Daily Birkenhead writes:

After nine  football games in a row (three different leagues) without a
victory, the game at the Mega Consbox yesterday was a nice surprise for
manager Carlsson. With 55321 fans on the arena, FC Birkenhead begun the
game with a goal in the 7th minute, when Peter Eiss blasted a long shot
into the Portland goal.

Birkenhead dropped back and begun to stall, and David Koulenz deflected
everything in his way. In the 78th minute, William Zouters scored a 2nd
goal for Birkenhead, assisted by Haakon Snook. This was the final score
and Birkenhead advanced two positions in the table.

Next game is on the MOTW and the toto  coupon vs Song Titles. With some 
luck and all players  ready to play, FC Birkenhead might do a good game
again. However, the cup defeat vs FC United earlier  this  week already 
is forgotten.

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Portland's Damaged Xtras 2-0 (1-0)

Stars awarded: *** David Koulenz,  FC Birkenhead (GK)    
	        ** Mauritz Giordo, FC Birkenhead (DF)
    	         * Peter Eiss,     FC Birkenhead (DF)

960516 : CF-FCB (week #9), Daily Birkenhead writes:

At least, FC Birkenhead managed to win on away ground. At Martin Street,
49850 fans saw Birkenhead defeat Cat  Fancy. A misunderstanding between
Birkenhead wingers and manager Carlsson forced one of the wingers to go
to his wing every minute, and the manager yelled to him to enter normal
position on the midfield.

FC Birkenhead took the lead in the 27th  minute, when Paul  Rennal, one
of the wingers, had a decent chance that beat the helpless keeper Rita.

In the second half, Cat Fancy had a few shots, but David Koulenz showed
that he certainly is a good  keeper, despite  his young age and missing
experience. This victory also boosted Birkenhead four  positions in the
table, up to ninth place. It can be tricky to stay there, as next  game
is against the top team Newton  Heath. Hopefully the home  field factor
can help Anders' team then.

Final score: Cat Fancy - FC Birkenhead - 0-1 (0-1)

Stars awarded: *** Paul Rennal,    FC Birkenhead (MF)
	        ** David Koulenz,  FC Birkenhead (GK)
    	         * Mauritz Giordo, FC Birkenhead (DF)

960626 : FCB-SB (week #15), Daily Birkenhead writes:

After 516 scoreless minutes, Birkenhead yesterday got not only one goal
but two in on Stamford  Bridge in front of 38616  fans. Despite all the
charred players Stamford had, including three  intelligent, two wingers
and one  shooter, it was FC Birkenhead who  scored in the third  minute,
when William  Zouters made his sixth  goal for this season, assisted by
Paul Rennal.

This forced  Stamford to press  forward, and they had some shots in the
first half, but thanks to a good defensive work by all players, none of
them was close to score. Also goalkeeper David Koulenz did an excellent
performance, and showed he'll be one of the greatest one day.

The second half had some good chances from both teams, and it was still
even until the 67th minute. Then Erki Nool took an indirect  free  kick
which found Richard Spinbone, who drilled it low into the goal. Richard
have scored twice this season, which is quite good for a rookie.

Rest of the half, Stamford tried over  and over  again, but they didn't
score on Koulenz today. This victory made Birkenhead  climb a little in
the division, but they need some more victories to avoid the relegation 
zone, which they still is in. Next game against Aston Villa at the Mega
Consbox might be another  Birkenhead  victory, as Villa's goalkeeper is
suspended for two games. Be there next Wednesday at five o'clock!

Final score: FC Birkenhead - Stamford Bridge 2-0 (1-0)

Stars awarded: *** David Koulenz,    FC Birkenhead (GK)
	        ** Marc Cordinal,    FC Birkenhead (SW)
    	         * Richard Spinbone, FC Birkenhead (FW)

960710 : BCO-FCB (week #17), Daily Birkenhead writes:

With 41505 fans at the North, FC Birkenhead yesterday won their  second
game this season on the road. First, Mauritz Giordo scored in the fifth
minute, assisted by Erki Nool. Their opponents  Black  Company had some
efforts, but none really dangerous, and first half was won 0-1.

Early in the second half, forward Silent was red carded and the Company
had to finish the game with only ten  players. This  gained  Birkenhead, 
who could score on a penalty  kick in the 72nd  minute, shot by William

This was an easy victory, and next is Nursery Rhymes United.

Final score: The Black Company - FC Birkenhead - 0-2 (0-1)

Stars awarded: *** Mauritz Giordo,  FC Birkenhead (DF)
	        ** David Koulenz,   FC Birkenhead (GK)
    	         * William Zouters, FC Birkenhead (FW)